1-Yenisehir Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Applicant Organisation)

Yenişehir HEM is located in the centre of Mersin province that is one of the biggest cities on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The city has a significant history for many civilizations in the past. The city has turned to be attractive for the migrant families from neighborhood cities for better economic and social conditions.

The centre was built in 2008 to supply the needs of the region considering the high iliteracy rate of adults and to develop them in such specific areas to be productive in the society also contributing economically by gaining qualified employee. Besides those,there are people who are willing to participate in the courses and activities this centre provides to find a beter job or to add valuable occupations that contribute to their personal development.The centre has a population of 214 teaching staff and 17500 trainees.It carries out various courses and education activities for the citizens of all ages and education levels. The courses the centre provides are literacy courses, socio-cultural courses and vocational-technical courses.

The social and cultural courses enable the participants with the information they need in general education subjects and reduce the social and cultural differences considering the immigrants from other disadvantageous and rural cities in neighbourhood. The vocational-technical courses are arranged according to the requirement and necessities of the people of this region and it supplies employability for them. Yenisehir HEM provides staff development for its partner’s staff through the promotion of good practice, the updating of practitioners on new developments in procedures and curriculum and continuing staff development programmes.

Legal Representative : Mustafa Şenol TİKEN

Email: 969388@meb.k12.tr

Contact Person: Dilek GÖL

Email: dilekgolb@gmail.com

2-Ova Bilişim Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Partner Organisations)

Ova Information Systems Industry and Trade Limited Company, with its TSE certified technical service in the foreground,provides electronic security and IT services to companies and organizations with 17 technical experts in an area of 300 m2 in the area of special software, electronic cards and designs, electronic security systems, network solutions, web designs and consultancy services.It continues its activities within the framework of ISO 9001 quality management system.

By providing education in EU standards to people who started working in our company, increasing the quality of electronic security and information services, creating a workforce that increases the efficiency and quality in EU standards in the field of visual control systems installation and maintenance applications in security networks, and thus, becoming an organization in EU standards that meets the changing electronic security and information demands which are indexed by innovations in the competitive environment.

In this direction, to contribute to increasing the ability of continuing vocational education to meet the demands of the labor market, improving the information technology capability of our country, increasing the efficiency and quality standards, strengthening the labor market, improving cooperation between SME’s, NGO’s and vocational education institutions within the EU dimension, increasing the integrated competitiveness and employment in the EU and Turkey is our strategic priority. Our organization participates in the Erasmus program for the first time.

Legal Representative: Ahmet Bilent ALADAĞ

Email: Aba@ovabilisim.com

Email: ovabilisimsistemleri@gmail.com

3- Yenisehir Ilçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (Partner Organisations)

Our directorate is in district of Yenişehir in Mersin. As Yenişehir Provincial Directorate of Education, we have responsibility of 180 schools. Together with that, in 1477 classrooms, we have 2795 staff an provide education to 53.556 students. Number of pupils per classrooms is 31 for primary  hool/ secondary school, 30 for general secondary school and 32 for vocational and technical school.

Our Directorate has 4 branches and 13 divisions. These are Primary Education, Secondary Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Special Needs Education, Religious Education, Special Education and Counseling, Lifelong Learning, Construction and Estates, IT and Education Technologies, Strategy Development, Law, Human Resources and Support Services. We have one Director and 4 Branch Managers.

Our Directorate targets the highest levels in education, prepares children and young people to life with human centred education understanding. We collect data, process, transfer, use and produce new knowledge. We follow progress in educational area and try to provide quality education to children and young people to be a good individual, good citizen and good professional.

Legal Representative: Necmettin DİNÇ

Email: necmidinc@gmail.com

Contact Person: Seda CULHA

Email: sedaculha33@gmail.com


The Foundation Universitat Jaume I-Empresa (FUE-UJI) of the Region of Valencia M.P. (Spain), is a body governed by public law, funded in 1993 and promoted by the University, the Social Council of the University and the Confederación de Empresarios de Castellón (CEC) (Employer Association of Castellón). Currently composed of 18 employees.

The aim of FUE-UJI is to collaborate with the University in the development and creation of activities related to postgraduate training, specialization and expert courses; as well ascontinuous training, promote research projects results, generate postgraduate work opportunities and improve the potential of companies in addition to the economic and social sectors of Castellón.

Nowadays this Institution is composed by 28 Trustees. As a matter of fact, the Board of Trustees is formed by the major companies and institutions of the Province of Castellón.

Legal Representative: Gloria Serra

Email: gloria@fue.uji.es

Contact Person: Nela Gomez

Email: nela@fue.uji.es


Research and Innovation in Education Institute [INBIE] is a NGO Institution located in Czestochowa, Poland and it was founded in 2014.

-INBIE promote equal educational opportunities to all social groups, and fight against social exclusion and support young people at risk of marginalization.

– It cooperates closely with formal and non-formal educational Institutions, local authorities, and Czestochowa Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations.

The foundation staff work in a unpaid staff basis and its 10 members, divided in two departments: Administration [finance-marketing-volunteers] and education [researchers-educatorspublishing].

All activities carried out by the foundation are supervised by the members of board and the foundation scientific council that reports each six months about activities developed and implemented by the foundation. The quality system used has been developed by the scientific council and accepted by the members of board of INBIE. The target group are young and adult people willing to develop new skills and competences that allows them to join the work force and search for better life chances.

The foundation achieves its objectives through:

– Research in the field of science, Non-formal education, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions, care and social assistance;

– Supporting the development of local communities, NGOs and other institutions operating for the public good in various fields of social life (education, science, culture, information technology, environment, entrepreneurship, social assistance and charity);

– Conducting and supporting information and education activities in the field of civil society development and the development of science, including the provision of training and advice;

– Organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, fairs, courses, exhibitions, study visits;

– Collection of data and information and conducting research on social activity and participation of citizens in public life and dissemination of the results and conclusions of these studies;

– Establishing cooperation with local and foreign institutions, whose activities are conducted in a similar range;

– Running a publishing to implement our statutory objectives: analysis, evaluation, publication and dissemination of the results obtained from research.

Legal Representative: Renata Ochoa Daderska

Email: info@inbie.pl

Contact Person: Luis Ochoa Siguencia

Email: biuro@inbie.pl

6- Ecoistituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Partner Organisations)

Ecoistituto’s activity focuses on sustainable development following a multidisciplinary approach finalized to promote effective and sustainable results and to enhance the livability of citizens.

Ecoistituto collaborates with higher education institutions, schools, and governmental institutions organizing conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops on sustainable development, social business, environmental education, and healthy behavior.

For the last 19 years, an annual international conference has been organized in collaboration with IPSAPA (Interregional Society for Participation in Agribusiness Landscape and Environmental Management) and the University of Udine about the themes of the “landscape mosaic”.

Since 2005, Ecoistituto created the series of publications “Living in places”, devoted to the local cultures and 15 issues have been published.

In the past, Ecoistituto participated to the organization of the Rezekne Academy of Technology Conference SOCIETY, INTEGRATION, EDUCATION (May 2013).

Members of Ecoistituto are University professors (especially from Udine University), professionals, experts and researchers engaged in different scopes: ICT, education, economy, agribusiness, ecology, sociology, psychology, social anthropology, architecture, geography.

In particular, Ecoistituto is involved in local projects for young people and older persons.

Recently (2017), Ecoistituto realized the e-books

– “Introduction to social innovation”, Mimesis International

– “The evil side of the Web”, Mimesis International

Legal Representative: Gilberto Marzano

Email: gilmarzano@gmail.com

Contact Person: Anna Pellegrino

Email: anna.pellegrino@uniud.it


Hrvatski ured za kreativnost i inovacije Innovation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial culture and education about creative and innovative approaches to solving real-world challenges in local communities.

Seventeen young leaders gathered at HUKI are driving their efforts in building entrepreneurship ecosystem with emphasis on encouraging innovative and creative thinking and knowledge sharing. With this approach, we aim to contribute to economic development of society and to generate positive changes in society.

We strongly believe that this approach will generate positive changes in our local community and that connecting and acting with international partners will have a positive spillover effect on other communities as well. Our moto is Think, Innovate, Solve!

Legal Representative: Katarina Guja

Email: katarina@huki.hr

Contact Person: Andrej Hanzir

Email: andrej@huki.hr