Ova Information Systems Industry and Trade Limited Company, with its TSE certified technical service in the foreground,provides electronic security and IT services to companies and
organizations with 17 technical experts in an area of 300 m2 in the area of special software, electronic cards and designs, electronic security systems, network solutions, web designs
and consultancy services.It continues its activities within the framework of ISO 9001 quality management system.
By providing education in EU standards to people who started working in our company, increasing the quality of electronic security and information services, creating a workforce that
increases the efficiency and quality in EU standards in the field of visual control systems installation and maintenance applications in security networks, and thus, becoming an
organization in EU standards that meets the changing electronic security and information demands which are indexed by innovations in the competitive environment.
In this direction, to contribute to increasing the ability of continuing vocational education to meet the demands of the labor market, improving the information technology capability of our
country, increasing the efficiency and quality standards, strengthening the labor market, improving cooperation between SME’s, NGO’s and vocational education institutions within the
EU dimension, increasing the integrated competitiveness and employment in the EU and Turkey is our strategic priority. Our organization participates in the Erasmus program for the
first time.