Yenişehir HEM is located in the centre of Mersin province that is one of the biggest cities on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The city has a significant history for many
civilizations in the past. The city has turned to be attractive for the migrant families from neighborhood cities for better economic and social conditions.
The centre was built in 2008 to supply the needs of the region considering the high iliteracy rate of adults and to develop them in such specific areas to be productive in the society also
contributing economically by gaining qualified employee. Besides those,there are people who are willing to participate in the courses and activities this centre provides to find a better
job or to add valuable occupations that contribute to their personal development.The centre has a population of 214 teaching staff and 17500 trainees.It carries out various courses and
education activities for the citizens of all ages and education levels. The courses the centre provides are literacy courses, socio-cultural courses and vocational-technical courses. The
social and cultural courses enable the participants with the information they need in general education subjects and reduce the social and cultural differences considering the
immigrants from other disadvantageous and rural cities in neighbourhood. The vocational-technical courses are arranged according to the requirement and necessities of the people of
this region and it supplies employability for them. Yenisehir HEM provides staff development for its partner’s staff through the promotion of good practice, the updating of practitioners
on new developments in procedures and curriculum and continuing staff development programmes.
YHEM will be responsible for completing the application form, ensuring the distribution of tasks between them, will take care of the implementation of the project, its evaluation,
promotion and dissemination.