Our directorate is in district of Yenişehir in Mersin. As Yenişehir Provincial Directorate of Education, we have responsibility of 180 schools. Together with that, in 1477 classrooms, we
have 2795 staff an provide education to 53.556 students. Number of pupils per classrooms is 31 for primary school/secondary school, 30 for general secondary school and 32 for
vocational and technical school.
Our Directorate has 4 branches and 13 divisions. These are Primary Education, Secondary Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Special Needs Education, Religious
Education, Special Education and Counseling, Lifelong Learning, Construction and Estates, IT and Education Technologies, Strategy Development, Law, Human Resources and
Support Services. We have one Director and 4 Branch Managers.
Our Directorate targets the highest levels in education, prepares children and young people to life with human centred education understanding.
We collect data, process, transfer, use and produce new knowledge. We follow progress in educational area and try to provide quality education to children and young people to be a
good individual, good citizen and good professional.