The Foundation Universitat Jaume I-Empresa (FUE-UJI) of the Region of Valencia M.P. (Spain), is a body governed by public law, funded in 1993 and promoted by the University, the
Social Council of the University and the Confederación de Empresarios de Castellón (CEC) (Employer Association of Castellón). Currently composed of 18 employees.
The aim of FUE-UJI is to collaborate with the University in the development and creation of activities related to postgraduate training, specialization and expert courses; as well as
continuous training, promote research projects results, generate postgraduate work opportunities and improve the potential of companies in addition to the economic and social sectors
of Castellón.
Nowadays this Institution is composed by 28 Trustees. As a matter of fact, the Board of Trustees is formed by the major companies and institutions of the Province of Castellón.
FUE-UJI is in charge of the following activities:
• Managing the program of internships and work placement of students, as well as a scholarship program for university graduates.
• Managing postgraduate training, specialization courses and continuous training.
• Fostering research and innovation agreements.
• Organizing national and international seminars, congresses, summits. Promoting prizes and grants.
• Participation in European, International and R&D projects.
• Continuous surveys and reports of economic and social indicators and market research.
Experience in European projects in Adult Education:
-Ecoblue Tourism : The project works to increase entrepreneurship opportunities in blue ecotourism in coastal countries, through an innovative training methodology to improve
entrepreneurial skills of long-term unemployed youth. Project role: Coordinator
-CIA project : Improve the skills and employability of young people with special attention to those who have fewer opportunities by creating Local Intergenerational Civic Councils.
Project role: Coordinator
-ASIDE (Adult Social Inclusion in a Digital Environment): The project aims to improve social inclusion through the creation of a portfolio on basic digital skills. ASIDE’s portfolio offers
the necessary tools to carry out initiatives and services based on digital social inclusion.
-TTT-I (Train The Trainer of Immigrants. Innovative Training Course for Adult Educators): The project is intended to apply informal training methodologies for the learning of new
languages during long-term stays of immigrants in foreign countries.