Adult Community Media Lab (2020-1-TR01-KA204-093885)

Yenişehir HEM is located in the centre of Mersin province that is one of the biggest cities on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The city has a significant history for many civilizations in the past.

The ACML project will support adult people in acquiring and developing high-quality skills and key competences in social media in order to tackle the challenges of the social transformation and foster their accountability towards the correct use of digital technology. Community media labs (CMLs) are becoming significant catalysts in driving knowledge and innovation, decreasing cultural digital-divide.
Our project will develop a cooperative effort engaging academic institutions, media and tech organizations for the purpose of adult education and adult empowerment.
ACML will create the figure of “social media literacy tutor” promoting active engagement of adults towards children, older adults, and low-skilled adults. Accordingly, our project will improve the understanding of people on digital media, educating a selected group of adults to begin “”social media literacy tutors” and contribute to satisfying the everyday demands of new media and digital services.
Moreover, our project will implement innovative learning practices (Content and Language Integrated Learning, Participatory Online Learning, Social Learning) and will contribute to implementing an effective nonformal and informal educational environment